Thursday, 9 May 2013

Gobby git.

Good grief. There's a blast from the past.

An electrician turned up from Kier this morning to replace a recessed light fitting at the top of the stairs.

"Dunno why they gave me this job mate. I don't do heights " So who does then? "The bloke who does hights. Lets 'ave a look then. Yup. Thats his job".

Many moons ago in my when I was a union rep, I was sat next to a rep from the TGWU. Bloke next him from the NUM was complaining loudly about the way the TUC conducted its business, saying that over-diversification could 'lead to organisational fracture'.

"He thinks that's bad" the TGWU bloke whispered to me "He should work for Sheffield Council Works".

"There's a bloke that strips the wires for the bloke that wires the plug, that goes into the socket fitted by the socket fitting guy, who fits the sockets to the wires to the mains wires done by the wire stripper who's apprentice to to the socket fitting guy. Then there's Bob who blows every bugger up and keeps them all in work."

"Bob's his apprentice. They're out next week again because they won't promote him. To socket screwer"

Nowt's changed much then.

The fella from the TGWU elbowed the bloke from the NUM in the ribs. Hard. "Siddown Arthur, or you're buying first round later"

"Gobby little git, in't 'e Dray?"