Monday, 2 December 2013

I hope

I've just been told on the phone that I'm impertinent and that I'll never work again.

I knew who it was as I recognized their voice, and I'm sure with their considerable contacts they
could give a good shot at it.They have considerable influence in private and public life. However, they seemed rather nonplussed when I explained that I wasn't employed by any of their enterprises, nor was I, nor have I ever been employed by them.

Rather, I explained, "I'm a friend, eh?".

Even highly sociable, highly motivated, mobile people have mates. Mates as opposed to contacts. Acquaintances. Sources. Opportunities, of which I am not, I hope.

If I have one dislike of this time of year - and don't mind a beer - is that the sociable get themselves into a right pickle. I get this every year in one way or another at this time, a few times

Anyways, after a few minutes of hanging on the phone in silence, (I wasn't going to hang up. He's a mate) he hung up.

If you like a drink, I know I do, please do so responsibly. Cheers.