Thursday, 31 January 2013

An inspiration

As I just commented to RLS Other than the odd tweet or retweet, I realised I was getting a bit more grumpy  than usual, and I don't like to blog when I'm in a dark mood. It doesn't help when I've been stuck in the house because of the weather.

Nor have I learned yet how to blog in a dark mood in an engaging way. I know it's possible, but... I dunno. There's a skill to it.

But after reading RLS today, I thought I'd risk it.

My next door neighbour has been a Security Guard at Jobcentre Plus for yonks. She and her hubby are First Responders too. That means they have to be available at a moments notice for everything for football (soccer) matches to heart attacks or road accidents.

But the years on her feet have damaged them, so she's had some surgery and in plaster and can't work for a while.

Mr C, Bless him, has been getting up at 04:30 to look after his missus, get to work, and back. That on top of  having a mortgage to service, and taking on whatever work is available to him.

They are an inspiration.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Interesting times

My apologies if I've not been in touch for a while. I've been thoroughly grumpy, followed by a 'small stroke'.

Warning. Don't do as I do. I'm pig headed, grumpy and somewhat eccentric. You aren't me. You don't know why I get this, nor have my knowledge about my body. If you get similar symptoms, it's 999, 112 or 911 immediately. For your info, all those numbers will work in the UK. 


No, I didn't go to hospital. For a lot of reasons, I hate the places. Nothing to do with the staff, who, with a few exceptions in the past, have been marvellous. I reached a deal with both the  hospital and my GP Practice years ago that the Practice would take over my care, and it works very well.

Well, I did after a, er.... strongly worded discussion.. (no, I don't swear).  I ask lots of questions and negotiate my own care package because that's the kind of chap I am. NHS Hospitals aren't used to that. I can't see any advantage to being an object that gets shoved from pillar to post and forces me into the floppy ambiguity of their one size fits all system. Most peeps can put up with that, I can't. Didn't help that a Consultant said "This isn't a private hospital y'know, you'll do as you are told". 

Oops!  :)

There are rules though that are common-sense. If I have a stroke where the major symptoms last more than a couple of hours, my family dial triple 9, even if they have to gag me. Which probably explains the duck tape in the bedroom drawer. Honest. 

This last one was a close one though, I have to admit. Bear awoke at 3 am to find me convulsing, which is a new one. Right sided paralysis, slurred speech and facial paralysis when I came around. Don't mind admitting  even I was worried for a while, but I got the stupid body working reasonably within the deadline, and I have another Docs appointment in a couple of days.

I'm still grumpy aren't I?