Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Life. ...

My main machine finally died. Not entirely, I know it well enough that it needs a new power supply and a good clean up. But at the moment I just don't have the strength nor can I justify the cost to repair it yet.

All is not lost however, as we have a few aged laptops knocking around that I can press into service that have various faults I can work around that I never, luckily,  had the heart to throw away.

For example, my little weather station is hooked up to a 7 year old laptop that overheated and shut down at the drop of a hat when it was last used 3 years ago.

Now however, it has run my weather station software without problems for over a week,  enabling it to tweet @SoutheyWeather and live update its website at and be the print server for our home network with few problems.

The family have their own laptops they've acquired or been gifted over the years, but they're into social networking big time so I've a cat in hells chance of commandeering any of those.

In the end I can use, as I am now, my trusty mobile.  Tedious,  but its there.


I mentioned awhile back I had an MRI Scan? All very odd.  I had the scan weeks after a consultants appointment. I recently had the follow up GP appointment.

Nuthin. Nowt. I'm on all the medication I should be on, and then some.   The consultants report made no decision one way or another.  So our Gp's have said they can't do anything.  Nor can the hospital.

It's a bit of a blow to my dreams of a little independence - but I have cunning plan...... more later.