Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Well, I've done it. Put my foot down. I've told the family I want my garden hut back.

I've been very patient. But when a man gets to a certain age, he needs his hut, and for me, it's now.

All that "we need to save those boxes in case something goes wrong" or "where else are we going to put the mower?" is just plain wrong. What's wrong with scissors?

I've a table to strip back to pine. A kitchen trolly to repair. But most of all, I've an unused old computer that I'd like to strip back to basics and do something different with. It's a bit of a challenge I want to take on.

I've got this idea in my head of teak and brass and maybe some glass, which is going to be hard because computers like to be cool - and those are are all insulators. More, it has to be quiet, which means minimal fans, as I'd like it to use it in the living room as a media server - a machine to store movies and music to supply the other machines on our home network.

But - and this is the bit I'm looking forward to - since one side of my bod is a little disobedient, I've decided I WILL use power tools too. This, is going to be a challenge. I like my fingers.

And since I treated myself to a prezzy of a nice little camera (a panny dmc-tz7) I'm going to document my progress now and again.

Why Jabba? Star Wars. It's a hut, innit :)

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Rare Lesser Spotted said...

Hmmmm Jabba is talking too much where I come from! I think having the sanctuary of the shed or hut is every man's right. I recall a BBC comedy, the name of which escapes me where the lead chcracter has a 'sherry' cooler, armchair and radio in his shed to escape when 'her indoors' is on the warpath! I'll sign your petition.