Sunday, 18 July 2010


No, not posting one today :)

But I'm thinking of it. In fact, I'm thinking of doing a regular cartoon.

It's a strange old world. I just kinda toddle along, doing my own thing, rather empty-headed, to be honest.

Then I'm daft enough to leave a folder of sketches I do for my own amusement - mick takes on everyday life that tickle me. Then, well. I'm not a very sociable person. But 'Er Indoors most definitely is. Next thing I know a - I dunno? Flock? Gaggle? Pile. Yessum, pile of rather tizwazzed neighbours turn up, one with 'Er Indoors under her arm.

Yes. I did say 'her'. Shaz (name changed to protect myself) is a big, strong, lassie. Lovely lady. Heart of gold. But the kinda woman you say "Yes! Miss!" to. She lives two streets way, but you can still hear her putting her kids to bed. They go 'Wheeeeee THUMP". You can spot her fella's. They are the one's outside Doncatraz (South Yorkshire) hammering on the door to be let in, tripping over the wires on their hearing aids.

For the record, nowt wrong with big strong lassies. I was asked by The Boss to read her digital scales today. Unfortunately, they were upside down to me, and she hadn't got her glasses on. It was in Kilo's, and I mistook a 4 for a 9. I'll be alright in a minute.

Like I said. Heart of Gold. Loves my Bear to bits. So, when in the wee hours, it's just me, two cats, and the wuffler, I sketch. Neighbours found it. Now, I wasn't daft enough to use real names. But much merriment ensued, and I've had no death threats yet.............

Meanwhile (meanwhilst?) Bear wants me to post here some of my Penny Dreadful's. I'm not gonna describe what a Dreadful is, I'm sure there's a Wiki about them. I can't read a Wiki, it would affect my writing.

In my case, its..., umm, its... it's a celebration of the style of early mass produced detective novels, that usually begin "It was a cold night in the windy city". As one of my sisters say's, with some exaggeration, "She rolled her her eyes, he rolled them back..." Tart.

I once produced a blog of them, many moons ago, but got hammered by 'cease and desist' rubbish by American Lawyers. I'm much more rebellious nowadays. I'm willing to give it a shot. It's silly, it's fun, it's over the top. Worth it do you think?

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