Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Through the Round Windows

How very odd. The Bear noticed, while searching on Facebook, that despite my unusual surname/forename combination there are a number of people who shared the same name.

A couple I knew of already - the larger than life, colourful and jocular American preacher/rap artist, and the DJ in Trinidad who loves to "chat Trinidad Style", with a wonderful line in insults ("Yo muther so old, she makes ma raisins look like grapes". Ahum...). I'm in touch with those, off Facebook.

But Bear discovered four others, all apparently 'locked' all local to me. Trust me, if there was anyone local to me with my name, I'd know about it. So I took a shot in the dark, and emailed Facebook, included a few personal details expressing my concern, and little more. I didn't get a reply, but within 24 hours they were gone.

Unfortunately, I've had a couple of emails from friends wondering what's happened to 'my' Facebook page. Oops.

I've had a feeling for some months that I'd been at the wrong end of identity theft. I had a stalker some years ago, who eventually, with a couple of prods from the police, drifted off - I suspect more from boredom and peer pressure from her little committee of friends than police pressure.

Was she 'back'? I doubt it very, very much. The consequences would be far too dire, and the woman might be many things, but she's not a total idiot.

How about someone trying financial gain? Well, lets put it this way. I have what is colloquially known as a disability, that presumes a loss of intellect. Like running a company, one has to bulldoze a ring of steel to buy a pen. However, I allow that for my own protection. In reality, I'm tighter than a camels arse in a sandstorm, if you'll forgive the expression. I know where every pen and penny goes.

So nope. No financial disadvantage has or can happen. I can only conclude that someone has 'reality TV syndrome'. Which is very sad.


Julian said...

I hope this is not too personal a question wheelie, but what drugs do you take?

Wheelie said...

Hi Julian. No, no problem.

I hope by 'drugs' you mean it in the American sense - what we Brits call tablets or meds :)

Tell you what - I'll put a new post up. See above.