Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Four hour power outage today.

Absolutely fascinating. No television, Sky, Virgin Media, Internet, and for most, radio either.

After half an hour, when everyone was visiting everyone else to find out it wasn't just them, with the sound burglar alarms going off all over - it's like a little village around here - it was a hive of activity.

People were sat on the pavement chatting, new neighbours were introducing themselves. They helped each other repairing the ravages of winter on their garden fences and furniture, chatting over cups of tea made by those with gas cookers for those with electric.

Bear busied herself chatting away and making sandwiches, and had a mad half hour cleaning some walls. I was well pleased. It kept her off of F*book.

I was less pleased because I was half way making a loaf in the Bread maker. The instruction book said if the power is off for more than ten mins, dump it, and start again. Heck I would. I paid for those ingredients. The hours ticked by, and the dough rose, and rose and.... Attack of the killer dough.

So when the power kicked back in, I hit the bake only setting (used for cakes and stuff). Omigosh.

Light? Oh yes. You could float it. I had to carve the darn thing out though. Now I know :)


Josie said...

ours went off the other week, for five mins and I was omg, I can't use the internet or watch tv!

no electric and life goes back to how it used to be, great!

there is the useful website about powercuts in your area

well its useful if you don't have a powercut! lol

Josie x

Julian said...

Who is Wheelie based on?

Wheelie said...

I wish you wouldn't keep making me jump like that 'Julian' :)

An odd, perhaps leading question, but I suspect I know what you're getting at.

Is Wheelie a construct? Heck no. The nom-de plume is. Unless you think that Bony M. is an orthopedic surgeon.

For various reasons, I prefer not to use my real name.

If you'd like to chat, why don't you set up a blog, if you don't have one, or, I can be contacted on Twitter @wheelieslug.

Wheelie said...

Y'right Jose :)

It only provides data on the day you access the site.

To be fair, I do know how to plug my aged mobile into my pc to access the net, but as I use pay as you go, it's bleepin' expensive.