Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Sign of.......

"Bear" I growled "Cheap dishwasher tablets - NO!" That got me 'The Look", dinnit?

Me bad. Forgot we had visitors. All between jobs, and at least one who thinks that a dishwasher is a female who's feet are shorter so she can get nearer the sink. Which is almost certainly why he's divorced. He got an almost empty yoghurt pot thrown at his head for smirking.

Good shot shot is my Bear, and unlike yours truly, who after years of practice has developed the reflexes of Bruce Lee, HE developed the vegan equivalent of egg on his face.

Poor Bear is trying to economise. No more bacon butties on the way back from fetching a sliced loaf. After I'd baked one. Hello! Magazine has gone Ta-Ra!, and the "My Granny Was An Axe Killer" magazine I found hidden under her pillow was dated December. 2009.

The 2009 horoscopes were amusing, and I never knew fella's can get that. I hate those mags with a passion. Honest.

So, it's Primark exploding knickers (don't ask), Fairé Liquid - that's what it says on the bottle, Mate Pride flour, and Finalizar pastillas para lavavajillas dishwasher tablets. From Pundland. Yes. Pundland. And my chilli's from Netto's have a picture of a smiling, waving, President Hugo Chavez on them. What more can a man want?

Oh, and pssst! Don't tell anyone, but I caught the Bear trying to thread a needle. Must be that exploding stuff again......

Times must be 'ard :)


Josie said...

hello magazine, just a thought what about a subscription?

...it saves you money and keeps Bear happy!

102 issues = £136.00 – SAVE 33%
51 issues = £76.50 – SAVE 25%!
26 issues = £39 – SAVE 25%!

perhaps a mothers day pressie from the kids?

Josie x

Wheelie said...

Might be an idea that.

Cheers Jose :)