Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Short snips

Amazing what you get used to.

Wheelie Manor has some minor social service adaptation's. Grab rails on outside doors. Grab rails and extra hand rails on the stairs, bath board so I can sit in the shower, that sort of thing.

Poor Bear has a cough and was a bit off colour in the night, so she asked me to fetch her some cold spring water from the fridge. Thought I might grab a glass myself. Oops. That meant walking upstairs no-hands on the rails.

I got a no-holds-barred reminder of why I'm a stroke survivor. It took me five minutes. Every single step was a challenge. 14 steps, and I had to fight every step. But, by golly, I didn't spill a drop, and didn't fall once. It was horrible, I was exhausted, but I'm not complaining. Far from it. I'm very proud of myself. It's amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it :)


Had a medic appointment today. Guess what? It was upstairs at the docs, and the handrail was on the right hand side. My right side is the sugared side. 18 stairs. Bear and the nurse were sweet. They didn't interfere - sort of . They walked one step behind me, and when I stopped, they pressed up behind me and waited until I moved again. Not a word. I was deeply, deeply touched.

Good news. Blood pressure was 108/68. That is absolute magic! (the 68 is the important bit) However (sigh) at 13st 5 lb I'm a stone overweight at 5' 11", and my body fat percentage is an annoying 30.2 %. Not good - should be 25% max. As I only eat a meal alternate days, (well, I forget) as I lost the 'hungry' thing 17 years ago with my first stroke, I'll let them get back to me on that. Blood sugars are totally cool at 5.3 mmol. Cholesterol is 5. That's good too.


How very un-British of me to go on about my poorlies :)

However, I'm one of many stroke survivors who sometimes get the feeling that they get written off - did you know I'm NOT ALLOWED in a Job Centre because I don't claim Job seekers allowance? Yup, that's right. You have to claim Job Seekers Allowance to have help to get an income.

Obviously, to have an income, you don't need to work for anyone else. But that's not the point. Every option should be available to everyone, no exceptions. xx

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