Sunday, 21 August 2011

Blimey. I didn't know they could do that.

BT I mean. My internet connection had been playing up. In the end, after checking everything my end and finding everything was hunky-dory, we bit the bullet and phoned Bt's support line.

That's something we avoid like the plague, because you'd normally get a run-around by someone at a foreign call centre following a script on their screen who one can barely understand because they've had their call centre training from watching episodes of Coronation Street and East Enders. And my Punjabi is rubbish.

Instead, we spoke to a terribly nice chap in Glasgow (Ok, so that's foreign) who dispensed with the script once The Bear explained I was "an ancient propeller head (?!) " who knew his stuff. Fair-ish comment.

I should explain my routers code is heavily modified by your truly so it does what I want it to do - and it's not BT. Hence my confidence. So while he was flattering my missus in the name of customer relations, I ran a serial console - non of your SSH nonsense - sat back, and waited.

And was totally gobstruck when my router said to me "Hello sir. If you'll excuse me..." It's never done that before.

What followed was a very thorough and rapid check of the basics of it's functions. Ploughed through my security as tho' it was never there. Even the bit where it plays a bleepy Captain Pugwash to anyone trying to hack it.

Our new Glaswegian friend announced to the Bear that everything was absolutely fine at our end, that it was a line fault, and he'd fixed it. I bet he did :) Guess who's going to be burning the midnight oil finding out how BT did that?


Bloody well went hypo last night. All I know is I woke up at silly o'clock under a blanket, with Lucazade stains all over my shirt. Much drama, apparently. I don't remember. Neighbours, Bear, oldest daughter and a card I keep in my top pocket saying "Call an ambulance and I'll chuffing haunt you" getting me a real ear-bending this morning.

I'm a skinny (and getting skinnier) type 2 on tabs, not insulin. Don't ask me. I dunno. Out for the count apparently. That's the second time this year. Tch. Perhaps I should up my carbs?

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Rare Lesser Spotted said...

Good story re BT and nice to know they can be efficient. We have Kingston Communications (KC) here in Hull and environs who run a virtual monopoly so no-one has BT stuff because KC usage takes precedence on the lines.

You take care of yourself.