Thursday, 25 August 2011

Oh, Tom...

Don't give me any more Damsons :)

Tom has lived around here for over 20 years. When he first moved in, he planted a little Damson tree. Over the years, he and his family just got fed up of eating them, let them drop, and guess who's garden is full of Damson trees?

Then he discovered I made jams, pickles and chutneys. Hurrr... by eck.

He'll do well out of it, tho' the sugar will cost me a fortune. Being constrained by barter principle, I can't charge him for jams. Having said that, I can ask a bit nearer Christmas for chutneys and Damsons in Brandy or Vodka....

Chutneys mature and are much, much, better with age. Between now and the 'C' word I have to work out how much to charge him without making a profit. Heck.


The barter system is good tho'. Another neighbour has lots of blackberrys, yet another is having early windfalls of apples they don't know what to do with. Some are picking their 'cookers' - Granny Pippins - too early.

Stuck in the supermarket generation, they don't know what to do about them. Tired now. Perhaps expand later.

Grumbles aside, what a wonderful problem.

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