Tuesday, 20 November 2012


The Beard is coming on well. I went on, as they say on twitter, a #deathwalk with Bear to a local shop. I waited outside with Sigma The Dog, and was deeply amused as people stared as they walked past Siggy and I into the shop. A quick Barry White "Ho, Ho?" made 'em smile.

I like to see people smile :)

I had an odd experience last night. Actually it's a repeat of something from a very few years back. Then, I was sat on my computer one night. I keep the door open so I can see down the hall to the front door. My stairs lead into the hallway.

I looked up and there was a young dark haired girl sat on the bottom of the stairs, maybe 10 years old with her chin on her hands looking really sad. Then, I got up to talk to her, thinking it was a mate of my daughter. She turned to look at me, and simply faded away. Naturally, I thought I'd lost my marbles and had a word with my doc, who said as long as it didn't happen too often, I was fine.

A few days later, the very same young lass walked past. "Hey!" she said. "I used to live in your place. I loved it there. I miss it"

Last night was a carbon copy. It was the same girl, same age, maybe later on, 3 am ish. But here's the catch. She should be a few years older now. No she wasn't. It's all very odd.

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