Friday, 8 October 2010

Key Keeper

Elder daughter moved out quite a while ago, though only 10 mins away. Bit by bit, as she's become used to having her own family, we're seeing less of her - tho' for that you can read that Bear pops around at least every couple of days.

Son'o'mine moved to his own place a couple of weeks or three ago, a bit further away, and has discovered the joy of bills. Even so, he's dropping by less and less. Bear was very glum and quiet when he gave her back his keys recently.

So after 25 years, it's just Bear, Teen-Tots and I.

It feels very odd. Bear is having a tough time remembering she doesn't have to shop for 5 any more, she doesn't HAVE to keep the freezer chock-a-block, not even just-in-case, and it's absolutly fine if the fridge looks a bit empty. And as for those crisps and pop - well.....

So it's clear out time - and I suspect it's going to take awhile. And that's not counting the huge amount of paperwork and bills the 20-odd year old's haven't taken with them.

Meanwhile, it's "Dad, have a copy of our keys in case we lock ourselves out"

It's taking some getting used to.


Catherine said...

Cool ... when is it my turn. Take it easy Chillax in front of the TV and make the most of it cus when charlie starts to walk it'll all come bac ;).

Wheelie said...

Oooh 'eck!

I'd forgotten about that.

Mind you, more like "Quids, grandad?"