Friday, 15 October 2010

There go I

Any married man will tell you that when the Missus, aka, 'Er Indoors, in my case The Bear, says "yes dear", or in Bears case, "Yes Luv", you gotta think quite what that means.

It sound simple doesn't it? No it isn't. Hubby has to be a Psychologist, Sociologist, Psychiatrist, Relate Councillor, and Mastermind contestant. Worse, he has to be prepared. And aye, there's the rub.

In an instant.

Couple or five things where I thought I should do the Hubby thing about and have a word. Ahum.

(y'know, old fashioned stuff. Keeper of the Ark, head of the household, see last post..)

So I Girded My Loins (whatever that means), kept my shield handy, adjusted my armour, and just to be safe, loosened my sword in it's scabbard, and.....

She looked thoughtful, said "Yes Luv", and asked me to knock together a quick Tesco shopping list.

Within an hour, she had a phone call from aged father-in-law. "Looks like y'mum is dying. Won't have nowt to door w't'doctor, won't eat, she's ect, ect, ect. " Bear calmly and coolly explained we'd all noticed she looks more like 96 than 66, was 'knackered looking, lost a lot of weight", had unhealed sores on her face and arms, was pale, and listless. She'd refused to go to her GP for years.

"Sod what she wants. Call a doctor" said Bear. So he did. GP discovered her blood sugars are so high it didn't show a figure. It just said 'HI'. My meter goes from Lo (less than 2.0) to 'HI' (greater than 30.0) I'm a steady 6.0 mmol, which with care, is about normal.

So, Bear is off with her Dad (in his 70's) to take mother in law to admissions at a local hospital.

While she was waiting, Bear couldn't stop laughing at the antics of Sigma the dog and Marco (his big brother) trying to chase a ball down a long, laminate floor hallway. Legs scrabbling away and getting nowhere :)

Talk about double edged sword.... People are remarkably complex aren't they?

I'll explain why consistent high blood sugars are dangerous in another post, particularly if there's a family history of type two or one diabetes.

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