Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Stroked, not stupid.

This is getting very, very frustrating.

More and more frequently, I've discovered that various people I know have, little by little, 'ow shall we say? Taking liberties?

A couple of f'rinstances. I get a phone call. "Is Bear there? No? Fine, not like you could do anything anyway, heh, heh, heh. " Oh, yeah? A couple of days later, I answer the door. "I'm here to do 'so-or-so' I've not been able to talk to Bear, did you tell her I called, she can pay me when...." Slam.

Heh, heh. I handle the finances, ta very much.

Another regular " Can you lend me..." Nope! :) "Oh, I find that hard to believe" That's my favourite, that is.

Mate of mine attends a church. Made a vaguely suggestive comment about Bear in front of a church leader. Idiot. And I know he knew it, because he came right to to Bear and I and apologised. End of.

You think? Oh, no. Went on to ban him from some meetings to teach him a lesson. Like Duh, that's helpful. Was I ever consulted by that church or advised someone had said something untoward about my lass? Nope. You'd think so, wouldn't you? Oh, great, that's what you do with some chuff who puts his foot in it. Deprive him of a 'positive' influence. Uhuh. Pffft. Tufty Club. But we thought.... ahhh, well.

"I've bought you a drink, but not him, because he's not allowed" WTF? Whats he doing in my wallet?"

Taking the change he kept. That's what. So sue me.

Just a few examples of the crap I sometimes have to put up with, and do you know, I've found it's not unusual.

I'm stroked. Not stupid.


Rare Lesser Spotted said...

Points well made Wheelie, people should know better frankly - if we considered the feelings of others the world would be a better place. Not nice being invisible is it.
Take care.

Wheelie said...

No mate, it's not nice being invisible. Got it in one, thank you !:)

To be honest, I could have posted a few little less obtuse examples, but my diplomacy circuits are well worn...sigh..

The awful thing is, so many 'gaffs' are often made by lovely, caring, well meaning people with preconceptions, who think they are doing the best for me.

Which is worse, on so many levels :(

If there's a way around it, I've not found it yet.

Jan said...

Intriguing. Have you thought of joining one of the many disability rights organisations? tk.

Wheelie said...

Hi there Jan, cheers for posting.

I have been approached a few times by disability organisations, and I have friends in them, some of them quite political and/or militant :)

The main aim of those organisations, such as Radar ( ) is to promote wider social change in the public and establishment view of people with disabilities, and quite rightly too, but they all take a long term view.

At the other extreme, I know people who've painted themselves red and chained themselves to the gates of parliament!

I don't want get to into anything organised - yet. I'm already considered a pain in some quarters :)

Pleased to meet you, tk back :)