Wednesday, 8 December 2010


May I direct your attention to This Blog that discusses the changes the ConLib Coalition has planned for disability benefits.

It's worth noting the author is disabled, employed, and receives Disability Living Allowance, as DLA, unlike Employment & Support Allowance (ESA - the new name for Incapacity Benefit) is not means tested.

I know I keep repeating this, but DLA isn't granted for specific medical conditions. It's a support to enable those with disabilities to live a normal life as possible. I'll resist rattling on, because Bendy Girl describes the forthcoming changes much more eloquently than I can. It's a bit of a worry - not because of the money, which is sadly inadequate anyway, but the money is an enabler.

Apparently, I'm a Grandad again. Twice in a year. Blimey. Another girl. This one is in Chicago, US of A. Won't get to see my Grand daughter for a long while, because of UK border immigration controls :(

I'm too young to be a Grandad. Honest.

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