Monday, 31 January 2011

Siggies Big Adventure.

I dunno, pets can be worse than kids can't they?

Bear took Sigma the dog for his routine run around a local field. He absolutely loves it.

He came back a bit subdued, limping, but we thought nothing of that as he'd pulled a shoulder muscle a few months back, and if you've ever been athletic, you know how long that takes to wear off.

I noticed a blood peck on his nose, so I thought oh-oh, and gave him a once over. Turned out the poor not-so-little mite had a cut on his, well, wrist I suppose, that went through to the bone. D'know, other than looking fed up, he never complained once.

Thought you might find the following information useful.

After phoning local vets, we discovered we would need an appointment, and non were available. PDSA it was then. After taking a taxi there (Yup, that nasty a wound) she discovered they prefer their customers to be on benefits, and show proof of benefit. Otherwise they provide emergency only treatment.

In this case, they stapled the wound shut (three, metal), without aesthetic, and gave him an antibiotic injection. Though he yelped, he still gave the vet a lick, bless him. Apparently we have to cover the wound with a sock? Have you ever tried to keep a sock on a dog?

Though he's an excellent guard dog, I'm amazed how good natured he is. If he'd been a person with a nasty cut like that, it'd be all 999, ambulances and hospitals and much gnashing of teeth and wailing.

I've got a gu'd'en there.


Rare Lesser Spotted said...

I hope the dog gets better. I remember queueing when I was a kid in the village green in Cottingham for the PDSA van that came once a week on a Friday to help 'fix' the various small pets I had. To this day I remember the smell of disinfectant and the kindly people who used to run it for a donation (my pocket money) for the treatment.
BTW thanks for the suet pud recipe.

Wheelie said...

I bet most of those small pets were injured wild critters :)