Thursday, 3 February 2011


The post that was originally here hasn't gone away - it's been withdrawn for editing after I received a gentle and kindly reminder that I was leaving myself open to legal action for breaching 'client confidentiality'.

In a nutshell, it hinges on a rather loose definition of what is a 'client' is apparently. I'm told such an action would be likely to fail, but horribly expensive for me to fight. As I have a great deal of respect for the advisor, I decided it best not to put my stubborn head on. This time.

I should have been a no-win, no-fee lawyer. I really should. Sigh.


Wheelie said...

.......and Josie, many thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right. xx

Josie said...

whew, you're welcome, I wondered if I'd gone too far.
Josie x

Wheelie said...

No, no absolutely fine. I've saved your comment and when I've edited the post to get around the legal crap I'll publish it :)