Monday, 14 March 2011

You know you are getting on a bit... Part 1

When you find yourself singing along, word perfect, to a Coca Cola advert - only to find out it was originally televised in 1971. Forty years ago. I'd be... er.... don't want to think about it.....

"I'd like to give the world a...". Gw'on. Admit you know it.

Your next door neighbour gives a sincere round of applause while your singing Frank Sinatra's 'Moon River' while you're vigorously pruning your Buddleia Davidii. "Cool" she said. "Barry White meets Sinatra"

Barry who? ;)

Er'indoors grumbles "What was up with you last night?" and tho' you look wide eyed and say 'Eh?" you know EXACTLY what she means. And you don't even have the decency to blush.

You ask your mid Twenties daughter to pick up some Horlicks while she's at the supermarket, and she asks "What's Horlicks?"

A prospective client leans on you "What makes you think you have the qualities to take take on this job?". So you make like a goldfish, and the first words you say are "Like, um, er.....?" Because you can't remember.

You bend down to pick something up, astonished you can do it with your legs straight, to find you are balancing with the top of your head on the floor. Only to have to wait for someone to straighten you up.

Son'o'Mine explaining "I knew you were in Pops, I could see the sun glinting off that solar panel on the top of your head" . Huh. 'Pops' indeed :(

You try to see said solar panel in a mirror. I dare you to try it.

You look down in the shower because you dropped the soap, and you can't see it. Then you stand on it.....

The local ladies give give you a cuddle and a kiss when they visit. And leave. Because you're grey, and therefore safe. Safe? Safe? I'm sure I should be offended, but I can't quite work out why.

Over to you folks.


Josie said...

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I don't have any in stock, the books are published on demand and take about three weeks to arrive.

Josie x

Wheelie said...

Cool! Catch you on that soon :)