Monday, 15 August 2011

Loan Shark.

Bit worried about my Bear. She's sleeping up more than 12 hours at a pop, getting really scatterbrained - forgetting appointments, offering to lend people to lend money we haven't budgeted, making arrangements to meet people when she's supposed to meet someone else, offering to give people money for stuff without asking to them to pay back. I've fought off hoards.

I understand to some extent. I've also discovered that a lot of the people we know are in the grip of either a local loan shark, and a illegal cigarette seller or a combo.

Talk about interesting times. I hate Loan Sharks with a passion. I am sick to death of locals, including my eldest daughter, saying "Ooh, I've paid off a couple of loans, now I can get another one" or the most incredible one another neighbour said "I'm p**sed off I had to borrow £700 on clothes for a fortnight in Skeggy"

Wish me luck. I intend 'shopping' the bugger, when I can find out exactly who *she* is. Hope I have some windows left.

Wish me luck.....


Josie said...

Never been to a loan shark, couldn't afford to and also scared to and that's being serious.

£700 for skeggy? all you need is a cardi, wellies and a brolly!!

Josie x

Wheelie said...

Yup, that's what I said :)

And a bit of money for some decent fish & chips. Can't beat Skeggy for proper chips - non of yer warm floppy wet limp nonsense, missus....