Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Slave to love

You'd think, as a Goggle Slave, who puts up with the foibles of it's search engine (but blocks it's adverts), unsuccessfully uses Cloud Print, But has Latitude, Google Docs and Calendars and has a Google+ account, uses one of it's better inventions, blogspot, AND has a top-notch Android phone (Android is Google) a HTC Desire-S, that I wouldn't have to keep signing in all the time? But I have to, I do, I do. Sigh.


I've actually discovered a use for the GPS (Global Positioning System) on my phone. As I'm not allowed out alone, for some inexplicable reason. Sorta. Apparently, part of the reason is that I have a tendency to wander off. I'm happy with that. No bugger else is :( Can you imagine not being able to trundle down to the paper shop alone? Have the woofler take you for a drag? Pah, I tell you. Not done that for years, and it fair brasses me off.

But I think (background music: The Great Escape) I may have found a solution. First, smart phone. Google Latitude. You can share your location with others. It doesn't have to be automatic, you can choose when to share, with whom, and the recipient can pick 'real time tracking' for about an hour.

On any computer.

The other is another Google dubrie called 'My Tracks'. It's really meant for cyclists or hikers, but, if you set it going before you go out, and let it run - it doesn't get in the way of anything else if you switch to something else - and cancel it when you get back, you can save it with a lot of options you can share with anyone you choose, and they can see where you've been.

Oh, Slave to Love. One of my favourite Brian Ferry Tunes. I'm off to have some Toast... :)

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