Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Oh, my...

Throwback to 1984

Well, I'll be a monkeys uncle.

Bear is my second wife, but I had the privilege of contact with my first wife who'd
moved with my first daughter and her boyfriend to Havant. Heck of a long trip from Sheffield
by national coaches I can tell you.

So, having travelled hundreds of miles to spend time with my daughter (Note:- I had been granted custody) to collect her?

I was abused, shouted at, by the social worker, in front of my daughter, and the social worker complained she would call the police unless she could hear what I said to my then, 4 year old daughter. Which she did, and I showed them the court order, so they said - Yep, in his favour.


Roll forward many year later. I made a freedom of information request for the mandatory records.

No record of any such record, and no such social worker ever existed, ever. The court record does have a record of my being granted custody (that never happened)

May I be blunt? Oh, bastard... :(

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