Friday, 9 September 2011

Jack & Jill

Sorry for the delay, and thanks for the concern.

Two days later....

Well, I did it. I walked the walk :)

It was quite comical really. There's yours truly studiously concentrating on his feet.

What's that old joke about "how does a centipede with a wooden leg sound? 99 thump, 99 thump". Yep, that's it.

Bear hung on grimly to my 'bad' side, which was unfortunate, as she's totally deaf in the ear nearest me. "How Yer Doing?" Fine. "What?" "FINE!" "No Need To Shout!". Dunno why she was shouting too. My hearings fine.

"Look Ahead, Not At Your Feet Dray!" "What?" "Oh shut up you idiot" Heheh :) Had to stop to get my breath back while having a fit of giggles. Handy those BT Boxes.

The unfortunate thing about living in a city that has as many hills as Rome, is that we seem to live on all of them. It's not that far *really*. End of the road, down a 45 degree angle, across a main road, then flat for about the same difference.

It didn't help it was bang in the middle of the school run, and peeps beeped their horns, and shouted stuff like "Weebles Wobble but they don't fall down" and "Oy! Ooh let thee aout!" Chuffs.

I love 'em really. Double Chuffs for not offering us a lift :)

Anyways, we got there. I was propped against a trolly (bliss!) in the 'old mens area' Humph. While Bear did her Thing. Had a nice chat in his 80's who's 68 year old wife was doing the rounds. "I can do everything I need to do" he chuckled. "Just very, well, y'know?" No. No I don't :)

By the way, if I may be so bold, if you've ever wondered how stroke survivors handle THAT? It's easy. Start as though one intends to finish, go make a cup of tea, and a plate of egg and chips, come back later, sorted. Honest. Really....


The trip back up that hill was horrendous. I have no intention of doing that soon. Yeah, a taxi would have taken 5 mins and cost about a fiver. But being stubborn, I was determined to try. It was awful. But I did it. I found I had an inner strength. I'm not going to joke about that.

I post infrequently on Twitter as @wheelieslug

*Edit:- André has a Watcher....Dray edit. Indeed I do, and I'm very grateful, but too much info there guys, so it's shifted. Love you all lots. I promise to be good in future. Honest xx :)


Josie said...

thanks for the update, glad you made it back ok, just wondering but are you on a bus route, would it have been easier to catch a bus?

Josie x

Elizabeth said...

Well done.Glad you're still in one piece.

Yep, I know hills!People can't understand how much effort it takes and how such a walk knocks you out for a couple of days. You sound like me - won't give in, no matter what. Have you got one of those Daily Life Surveys from the Stroke Association? I filled mine in today

That 'edit' is a bit scary! If I say something wrong does the hitman seek me out? :-D ♥

Rare Lesser Spotted said...

Well done my friend. I would love to have recorded that conversation with Bear - hilarious!

Wheelie said...

Should have grabbed some pictures :)

According to google maps it's about half a mile. To be honest, if I'd known that before I set out, I wouldn't have done it. The last time I made the trip was in my wheels, some time ago.

We'd vowed never to do that again - partly because there were no dropped curbs, so I ended up nose down in the road, and secondly, much of the route is one long steep hill - no fun at all for The Bear pushing me plus shopping.

I can just about see our place from the Lidl, way on top of the hill.

No direct bus route, unfortunately, and like hell was going to spend a fiver on a taxi back.....;)

Ah, The Watcher :) One of a bunch of chaps and chapesses who I allow access to my account to (try) to stop me making a total fool of myself.

Their probably worried my benefits would be affected by walking so far, and probably rightly so, in retrospect. I didn't know it was so far.

Google estimates it should take 14 mins walking? With all the stops, and giggling at The Bear, it took us nearer 40 mins, one way.

And yup, I'm stubborn and pigheaded. I'm on low rate DLA for mobility. £15 a week doesn't go a long way for taxis. Why low rate? 'cause I don't get out much. Daft. I'm not going to be kept under virtual house arrest for fifteen quid when I know (deserving) people
have their cars paid for by uk gov.

Wheelie said...

Thanks RLS. It's called 'people management':)

She was very keen for me to try, and Bear ended up being knackered, hot, and bad tempered. But I know where her funny-bone is.

Behind every bemused husband is a missus, who is also my carer, the unsung hero army. It helps that's she's a bit of a character too, chuckle!