Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Enemy Within.

The Watchers.

The Watchers are a group of (usually) anonymous people who have worked for the civil service in one way or another over the years who look after their own. The term 'civil service' covers a wide variety of disciplines.

We have a funding drive running at the moment for service and ex-servicemen who are suffering from post traumatic stress as a result of their service. If you can give just a little one off donation, it will be greatly appreciated.

How can an anonymous group raise funds? You just found out :)

My interest is that I was once a government employee who became a substance abuse councillor.

I heartedly recommend you read the Telegraph article. Cheers xx


Rare Lesser Spotted said...

Good article in the Telegraph Wheelie. I like the lads quote "...I don’t want sympathy, I want understanding.”

Wheelie said...

Spot on RLS...

May I add respect, too.

Because PTS peeps often end up with damaged and broken relationships, homelessness, and poverty.

Too many end up on the wrong side of the law, and too many only get the help they need once their in the prison system. There are too many inside.

Luckily, that's changing, but slowly, not because the system doesn't understand, but because Magistrates and Judges are still tied, at least openly, to what one does, not why - that is the purpose of law.

I say 'openly' because there is pleasing trend for things to happen behind the scenes... fingers crossed...