Tuesday, 25 October 2011


I'm a bit out of sorts at the moment. But, as the Merkins (Americans) say Meh!?

The family is out, the cat's on the router, and the dog is eating their biscuits. The Bear had a sudden urge for Sausage casserole - using 40% pork bangers. I wouldn't touch those with a very, very long pointy stick. Folks, read the labels. Ignore mono-sodium glutamate. It's natural. Used for hundreds of years in Chinese food.

Pork Rinds? That's deep waste fried in pig fat. That's ears, skin and nostrils by the way. Not in sosies folks. Over! Forty! Percent! Pork! is cool as an advert, not good for eating. Think okidoke, what's the other 60% ? Aha! see?

However, there is another way, that like I wos taught when I worked in my butchers, in my back yard (a shared back yard amongst three terraced houses) in the 60's. Yup I was twelve, helped out in the shop, and did his accounts.

Well ok, Pigs intestines as a sossie skin are hard to get hold of. Or cow. There's plenty of synthetic stuff available on the net who would like to separate you and your credit debit card details and sell your personal details.

Then There's sausage cakes/burgers/ and 'skinless' sausages.

Grab a few good handful's of minced beef, pork, or lamb. Cheaper the better, because you need a little fat. Like, 10%?

Grab a handful of stale breadcrumbs. Yessir, I know that's against Health and Safety. That someone might stick some bread going a bit hard in the fridge overnight and beat the wostsit out of it in a plastic bag? Good therapy.

Add a tablespoon of water. A handful of herbs. Fresh is better, but dried is cool. You might want to add - well, anything? Mustard? Grated apple? Throw in some salt and ground black pepper anyway. Yeee-up. even with the apple. I'd recommend nutmeg and coriander.

Get your fingers in there and get greasy. Don't, whatever you do, use a food processor. You'll end up with a messy, yucky, paste. It's disgusting.

Sod the government. Shape into what you want. A burger? A Sausage? Cook it in dripping. In a frying pan, and treat yourself to a full, English Breakfast.

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