Monday, 24 October 2011

Getting down...


I'm chilled now. I'm sorry I became irate. Bear and I spend a lot of time keeping track and advising people informally on the benefit system and some factions of the immigration system.

Look. When it comes to Disability Living Allowance, beginning April 2013 everyone will be reassessed. That's because it will be changed to a benefit called Personal Independence Allowance - PIPS.

The present government have put it quite succinctly. "To ensure that those deserve it, get it."

Yup. It isn't something that worries us. The only consistent thing we've found in life is change.


Oh, Immigration. English son, American wife, dual nationality granddaughter :)


Am I the only man in the universe who smiles when something breaks? Restoration, a little archaeology, is painstaking and difficult. Looking at a pile of broken pieces, I think.. wow!... and mentally, rapidly, go through the options.

Love it. I love the distraction, the detail and the close quarter work that I can work on at my own pace, take a break as much as I want and, well, just get into it :)

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