Saturday, 22 October 2011


Again :)

Pickling, I've decided, is a macho, man's thing. Or maybe it's just the woman I know. Robust as they are (ahem), when I do pickles and chutneys, they do nowt but grumble.

"Heck, Dray, that pongs!". Yes. Yes it does. A good chutney needs a well dark, flavoursome malt vinegar that when hot makes your eyes go crossed as it assaults the senses. Non of your poncey Branston pickle. It needs to smell like, kerpow! as it cooks. It's a man thing. Feel free to disagree....

Sounds a bit rough? Nah. Today it's Elderberry and Apple. A friend who has a heck of a problem walking found some end-of-season elderberries on a local field untouched by an arsonists field fire.

I like Mr. T. He's not only gutsy, (he's in a lot of pain)  he brought back 5 pounds of elderberries for me to play with. Mr. T talks my kind of language. He chatted about leaving some seeds for future years, some for the birds, and worrying about the little   who set three fires on the field. 

Wot? No recipe? In the spirit of adventure I'll see how this works out before I publish it. But if you're feeling adventurous, dig around the web for a standard Fruit Chutney, and substitute the fruits you have.

I should warn you that chutneys need to be in a dark cool place for at least a month, preferably three. This will be ready by 20th December.... :)

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