Saturday, 8 October 2011


A local Asda super-store has opened within Bear walking distance, bang next to daughters school.

The prices are quite reasonable, though I'm sure some prices are introductory crowd pullers. The Bear is drawn to it like a moth, and daughter mine is getting home from school an hour later, because she goes for a wander around after school with her mates.

I've always wanted a decent butchers nearby, and I've campaigned for a long time to get one. I'm a great believer in thriving local shops.

Courteous staff "Ma'am, we can't sell you that, we've a bit of a problem with cheeky blighters peeling labels off a reduced products and sticking it on something more expensive, then doing a runner when staff approach. Tell you what, you can have that for free, and I'll fetch you something from this afternoon, and charge you THAT sticker price for both. Is that ok?"

Yup. Asda butcher, aka, Walmart. Here's me getting sticking up for local shop keepers. Phew the 'little guys' have their work cut out to beat service like that......


Bear is off with some local ladies later to a 'Baby Shower' with another ex-local lady who moved away, who was famous for her Anne Summers parties. Tiddler number 5 apparently. The irony isn't lost on me :)

I know what a Merkin (American) Baby Shower is. My mind boggles what a Yorkshire Anne Summers wielding Baby Shower is. Probably involves copious amounts of Fosters and 1980's music. My bet is on lots of Ronan Keating.

In my day, we called it a Granny Bash :) More Like This

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Rare Lesser Spotted said...

Supergiant Vs Local - what a dilemma!