Wednesday, 12 October 2011


My trousers fell down.

All of them. :) The first pair in front Er'Indoors and my two daughters and a lady neighbour. 

Well, it wasn't going to happen while I was on my own, was it? That's not the way the world works is it?

Bear and her friend looked me up and down with raised eyebrows, then continued with their conversation as though nothing had happened. Eldest daughter looked up from her "I was flattened by a 17 stone dwarf maniac" magazine, and said "Good Grief". Predictably, teenage Tots said "Oh for god's sake Dad, I can see your KEKS!"*

Me? Halle-bloody-Luya, and I said so. I apologise for the image in your head of a middle aged, bearded Yorkshireman with his trousers around his ankles sounding jubilant, flashing his er....'keks'.

If you didn't. You have now.
With the conversation between wife and neighbour turning to a pants-versus-boxers debate, I did my monkey swing thing on my rails up to the bedroom - which I can tell you,  is no mean feat with your trousers around your ankles - I tried on another pair of jeans. Then another. And then my suit trousers. Then in desperation, as the voice of the Bear drifted up "Belt. Second drawer, on the top, the one who's bottoms popped out (giggle)" 

I tried on the almost forgotten suit trousers I wore when we wed, 22 (?) years ago.

Yay. Success. Well, alright then, a little tight. But I'm pleased. I've managed to lose a lot of weight that I really, really needed to shift. Body Mass Index (BMI) now 23. Like, Yay :)

Parting shot from Bears mate as she left "First time I've seen you stand up in ages Dray".

How to deflate a mans ego........

*footnote. Keks or Kegs. Ancient British teen-speak for masculine underwear. They'll be telling they invented textfway speakfway next.

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