Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Don't you think it's kinda sad

That peoples perceptions of the world is no greater than their own?

Busy day today, had lots of visitors. Bear is determined to get our grand daughter across from the states. I've paid over £1500.

A chap is equally determined his 21 year old daughter should have the party of her life for £250 he can't afford, despite being thousands behind in his rent. And admitting to me he's been on benefits for years (Yup, he should have been paying £7 a week) Oh, and the 250 savings he had he'd spent on a 'key meter' for his fuel.

To keep warm. :( And the other four.

Another has gone over their limit on their credit card and can't get "any more". And more.

It isn't that I can't help. I can point people in the right direction.

But I'm getting a bit sick of it. Genuine, good hearted people - meh, no sweat.

But, y'know, it brasses me of that the others will actually argue with me. I mean, Wot? I'm impartial, independent, experienced? Fer..reee?

It's knocking my duck off, I can tell you....


Rare Lesser Spotted said...

People do tend to suck it in sometimes and these are the people who drain you, weaken you, disturb you and who you end up dreaming about if you're not careful. I note your latest blog has been deleted. Controvertial for some people was it?

Wheelie said...

It's true. It's very hard sometimes to tell 'those that drain' from the good 'uns. I have another word for them which is less gracious that I won't use here that begins with 'V'.

But yes. Spot on.

Controversial? I've never set out to be. I'm told so however, and in itself I don't have a problem with rattling a few cages.

But I'd rather tuck a post away in drafts for a while if it rattles too many, to think about it :)

Y'know what? I think too much.