Saturday, 3 December 2011

Man thing.

I'm having a few 'Aww, sweet' moments.

14 year old daughter was, until a few mins ago, jigging around the front-room/living room/lounge (y'takes y'choices depending on y'posh ness) to some tune in her head. No earphones. I checked.

That's my girl. Better out of your head than in :)

Meanwhile, Sigma the Dog is curled up on our bed - Sorry, Bears Bed, in Bears Bedroom (Don't ask me, I dunno) with his Mini Mate, Smudge The Cat.

Smudge is about 3 years old, and a really tiny scrapper. He's got scratches on his nose, and bits missing from his ear. The vet says he'll never get any bigger.

They wanted to remove his essentials, but I said no. He's cat, and Cat do things their way. I wouldn't want him any other way. Remove his 'bits' and he'll lose his drive and his catness. Not having that. Well, I wouldn't like it.

But there he is, all 2 pounds of him, cuddled up with Siggy the 4 stone Woofler on Bears Bed (tm) Chuckle! Men, eh?

I officially became furious tonight. I was angry beyond belief. It wouldn't be fair to say who with, or what about. Lets just say it was about an unfairness. I haven't done that for years and years.

It was like Boom! Trouble is, with a voice like mine, half the street heard me blow. Oops. No regrets though. (smile!)

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