Tuesday, 28 February 2012

If you go down in the woods today....

The Sun Newspaper, that champions it's "Report a Benefits Cheat Hotline" is really scraping the bottom of the barrel today with an article today about someone disabled having the cheek to have a day out at an amusement park.

Part of their income is the carers allowance her hubby receives. As they claim income support, he won't get the £58 a working family would. Nearer £27. And carers allowance has strict conditions attached, for instance that they have to provide care, day and night for at least 28 hours a week. Assuming you could hold down a full time job, and do those 28 hours, that works out at a measly £2 an hour to care.

Oh, hang on a minute. Unemployed, and caring for a disabled person full time? Make that 96 pence an hour for AT LEAST 28 hours. £00.96 !

The Sun in it's wisdom fails to mention that.

Disgusted of Llangadog, who is probably disappointed not to be named said :- "She's been on benefits about ten years. It's a joke. She is paid all that money for a bad back and goes on roller coasters."

How dare they have fun? Out? Out? Fun? Shouldn't be allowing people with bits that don't work well - out.

Right, fair enough. She was unwise, and was likely to make her health worse. But the media and government winging about disability benefits fraud, currently running at 0.5% of the total Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) fraud problems should not force people to be afraid to go out, and worse, enjoy themselves.

I'm afraid I'm in trouble then. Twice in two days I've hung wobbling onto a Bear for a slow walk to a local shop. A journey that would normally take her 25 minutes alone, across a wild flower field. I sat and rested frequently - no choice - and we threw the ball for the dog. It was fantastic fun.

Won't be doing it for a while. It took us about 50 mins, I hurt so much I can barely shift, and the pain has made it hard to get sleep, so I'm exhausted. But it was worth it.

Hey, that's three times this year I've left the house, and it's only February. Cool. I suppose I should be careful, eh?

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