Friday, 2 March 2012

If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit...

I thought it was deeply suspicious at first.

An invitation to become a member quite an exclusive London Gentleman's Club. Exclusive with a capital 'E', and, to top it all, quote "all and any incurred costs paid as long as, and when required". Blimey.

I mean, c'mon. Gimme a break.

Y'see, you're reading the blog of a bloke who was recently asked by a correspondent (by letter - remember them?) to recommend a multi functioned remote control for his rather posh television and home entertainment system.

I was happy to post him a six foot piece of half inch dowelling free of charge. Gift wrapped in pink. With ribbons.

Or the poor chap who broke his, quote "fingy" and complained he had to skip his daily swim for a few weeks. He got a packet of Durex in the post. Extra Sensitive of course. I'm sure he'll get around to forgiving me one day, bless. I was just being practical, honest.

As for the Life of Brian episode.

No pleasing some people

Ah well.


But you get my drift. When one's sense of humour is like one's is, you live in a permanent state of mild paranoia, wondering when someone'll try and get their own back. They do y'know. I had a fresh Mackerel in the post once. A little mature. It was delicious :)

The Gentleman's Club invite has turned out to be genuine. Apparently an employer from many, many years ago who has kept track of me over the years, who feels I can make a contribution. To something.

This. Should be interesting.

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