Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Well, there's a to do. 

I've discovered that technically, we are financially negative. That should be way impossible.With most people, that would bring to mind direct debits coming out too early, bank charges, the good old fashioned 'never-never' or house hold outgoings greater than income. Nope. Don't have those problems.

What's happened, and it took a little luck, is that, ahem, a household member has been feeling sorry for many, many people who are on unemployment benefits who borrowed and were unable to pay back 'on time'.

I say luck, because I couldn't get a straight answer, and offered to pay pay 'me' back £20 - "However" he and his partner explained "we need to buy a bus pass, and we need some food in "So could he pay me back £10 now, and £10 in a few days?"

Being the master of the dead-pan face, sure, I said, sure. A few joking quips and and a bit of pointed banter later, I discerned they had a freezer (note they own and run a freezer)  full of food, but little veg. I later had a chat to eldest daughter, and found out I wasn't the only one. She'd had a fall out with the same couple after lending them money, and while nipping down to a local supermarket later the same evening they'd visited us, seen them at the checkout with a 20-can pack of beer.

Time, I decided, to do the thing I hate the most. Make some phone calls. I've discovered that 'we' are owed a rather large amount of money, £20-£25 a pop spread across many people. Most who can run mobile phones, flat screen tv's and have overdrafts, loans and credit cards, but thought I knew they can't pay back on time.

I've explained that they know what thought did, and it was messy.

We aren't too disadvantaged.  Up to date and extra with house hold bills, food on the table, warm house, rent in front and no bank stuff to worry about. Bloody good job, innit?

I've got a promise that it's not going to happen again, and I'll get the money back. It was a little here and a little there, and  "They promised to pay back on time, all of them" 'Course they did.

I don't know. I really don't. What's that old saying? 'There's one born every minute'. Yup.

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