Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Who Q?

Just as I'm cooling down after someone confidently said to me that there was a direct correlation between Stroke and lowering IQ, and that it is quantifiable in IQ points, and by implication a loss of intelligence - then annoyingly said "we'd have to agree to differ" when I had the temerity to disagree.

Some chuff said something similar today. Read it somewhere, they said. Can't remember where. Hmm.

Stroke is complex, and whether it affects cognitive or reasoning function depends on where in the brain the stroke occurs, so sure it can  affect function. Stroke can certainly affect the ability to process or express language, which can be further exacerbated by loss or reduction of motor control.

But these are not indicators of intelligence, or the lack of it. I hold my hands up here and say hey, IQ tests are fine as a clinical tool to determine support, but beyond that are no demonstration of ability or personality, and are more important to those who like to self aggrandise.

Otherwise, if you can do the job, and the boss is happy with your work and the time it takes to do it, then smile. If you can't, find another job. To me, thedemonstration of ability to function in your environment, whatever that environment is, is rather more important than some test, unless that test is designed to provide support or training to enable one to fulfill a function.


IQ can be fun though. I love it when people draw comparisons with people like Einstein. Bit of a problem there. In his time, there were no IQ tests, though a quick google shows that it was estimated (how, I dunno) at somewhere around the 160 mark. The mean IQ of the UK is 120. Which, if you know anything about statistics, is meaningless.

As for me? Well  now. Twenty odd years ago I was unhappy in my job and hunting. A job required an IQ test, and the prospective employer, with a cheeky grin, asked me whether I wanted to do a "How to do an IQ test" course. I went in with an IQ of 140. Came out with an IQ of 220. You read that right. Two-Hundred-And-Twenty. They made me do that IQ test three bloomin' times in three weeks. 220.

In the end? I got fed up. Didn't pursue the job.  The employer? The NHS. My present IQ, according to Mensa, is now 153, which puts me in the 'top' 3% of the UK population. Not bad for a Strokie. Go figure.

I'll finish with a couple of quotes. Prof. Stephen Hawking. Has done an IQ test, says it's prob "around 160" but, "People who boast about their IQ are losers"

Albert Einstein. IQ unknown. "I seem to know how to guess correctly"

The Guinness Book of records retired their "Highest IQ" catagory in 1990, " IQ tests are not reliable enough to designate a single world record holder" Their last holder was Marilyn vos Savant, with an IQ of 228 :)

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