Sunday, 20 October 2013

Life skills

I'm told, that I'm showing my age, and even that I have admitted defeat.

Why? Because I replaced my 7 year old, vandalized electronic weather station with something with much more 'umph' and up to date. 

I told them not to be so pompous, ageist and put something on telly. Then felt a certain smugness when they put a soap-opera on. Hah! 'nuff said.

The replacement was the same price as the original, without any of it's limitations. Effectively cost me nothing, because I have a 'two or three quid in a jar' fund for this kind of eventuality. Y'know, when household appliances need replacing. With 30 quid off at Maplins, it was a very reasonable £70.

The new beastie was supplied with software, but it was limited, so I dug around the net and noted that many weather enthusiasts used a donate ware program written by someone in the Orkney Isles called Cumulus.

I'll not bore you with the small details. However, the weather station is on a high pole in the back garden. 

This transmits lots of data via wireless to a small touchscreen panel in the house. The touch screen stores the info, and then that's connected to my computer via USB. Cumulus then displays that data on my computer, and much, much more.

Some of the data can be tweeted. More can be sent to popular British and American weather organisations and their web sites i.e. the Met. Office, to display and help with local and regional forecasts.

The bit I'm enjoying is that Cumulus provides some adaptable web text and graphic gauge web page templates.

I've been given a great opportunity to update and polish my web page building skills, which will serve me well. So I found some free web space, adapted one of the many free templates that are on the internet, and launched a web page for my little station.

Very much a work in progress.

So it's not just about the weather. I'm increasing my skill set, getting up to date with new webpage and internet techniques, resurrecting old skills, learning new ones, refining my data analysis techniques, and giving myself a challenge. 

Life, without purpose, whatever your age, is no life at all.

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