Monday, 7 October 2013

I want to break free?

I've just been treated to the odd sight of Jasmine the kitty dragging one of my slippers down the hallway and out of the front door. The slipper must be as long as Jasmine. The last I saw of her she was up the path, over the front gate and heading down the road.

I refuse to post a photo of her doing it, though I have one. Naturally. I refuse to allow her the notoriety she feels she deserves to join her brethren who seem intent on taking over the internet.

So if you are in the vicinity of little Wheelie Manor, and you see a rather disgruntled bloke with a white beard wearing one slipper disconcertingly waving a walking stick at a disappearing kitten, say hello.

Bought a new weather station. My original little station cost me £70 seven years ago, and was/is  a very simple affair, and has a very simple wireless link to a little clock weather display. Rainfall, outside temp, inside temp, rainfall, barometric pressure and variations and a bit more. But that was it.

However, twice in the last month, after all these years, it was vandalized. Deity only knows why. It was bolted to a fence, knocked off in the middle of a rainstorm at 3 am and scattered over the garden, which ruined the transmitter. I was able to make a partial repair, but it happened again two weeks later in calm weather.

It works, but only partially?

I'd saved enough to treat myself to a new one. Same price, six years later. Oh boy, is it comprehensive. The new one has many more functions, including passing on the data to various weather organisations, including the met office via the t'internet.

I can even set up my own weather web page. I'm so out of practice with that. Wish me luck. Let you know how I get on.(It's possible to do it for free)

Meanwhile, my beloved and I mounted the new one on the hut. Only for her to put the ladder back to front and fall off onto her bum from the bottom step. So we've mounted it on a pole on a  fence.

I'm really tired, so this post will be edited later.

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