Sunday, 1 August 2010


We had a few friends around for a few drinks and some music, and some of the fella's got into quite an aggressive mutually inclusive discussion that was bluntly racist.

Their wives and girlfriends disagreed. Don't misunderstand me I've come across it before. But I'm from a working class generation where we didn't & don't care less about crap like that. Or gay, or straight, or fat - or green. Or anything in between. But I was shocked at the intensity of it. People getting Jobs/Houses/Cars/ because of their skin colour? Rubbish.

They all have internet access. They can all check immigration policy on

So I found myself pig-in-the-middle. It's kinda weird. How the heck can a non-racist be married to a raciest or homophobic?

It was quite distressing. Any ways, thumbs up to the ladies.


Rare Lesser Spotted said...

This is a personal point of view Wheelie, but as a 53 year old white English ethnic origin male from God's own county, it is my considered view, with my life's experiences (which frankly would make most people's hair curl) - there is absolutely no place for bigotted inhuman racism, sexism, homophobia etc., in the modern UK. I make no apologies in saying that such people really do need to emigrate, permanantly, to a third world county which still tolerates this rubbish if they want to preach it and practice it. Muppets! (I won't use worse language than that on someone else's blog.)
Hope you are ok?

Wheelie said...

Thank you. Agreed.

Am I Ok? No, not really, I'm chuffin' annoyed by a few disability related "Does HE take sugar?" issues.

But I'm trying to avoid this blog turning into a grumpy blog :)