Saturday, 4 December 2010

Bit of a mixed bag...

A dear friend had a tiny kitten, a little ball of fluff, that she doted on. She'd spent a small fortune on cat beds, climbing poles, toys.

She stacked her dryer, and left the door open.... upshot is, she was distracted by one of her children. Just for a couple of mins. Came back, shut the door, started the dryer, and a couple of mins later realised she couldn't find the kitten.... too late :(

Distraught, she phoned the RSPCA immediately for advice to revive it. They talked her through to no avail. Apparently, it's quite common. Poor little mite was just looking for somewhere warm, as kitty's do.

She isn't in any trouble, and she did all the right things, but the poor lass is utterly inconsolable. She keeps crying her heart out. Having two cats and a woofler myself, I can understand how she feels.

It's a sort of mark of respect for how well regarded she is that, because she's not really wanting to talk to anyone at the moment, that I've had 8 offers so far (word leaks out, I guess) of kittens, puppies to replace the kitty. I've said no, not yet. Bless her. Accidents happen.


I'm a bit fed up. I've had three guys I've kept in touch with since my churchy days some 13/14 years ago die this year. All lived alone. All smoked 'blow'. To explain. 'blow' is a generic name for cannabis.

20 years ago, it referred, in the UK, to an illegal, cheap oxo cube style mild stuff that left them a bit spaced out. Heck, often it was an oxo! Over the years, it became an insidiously cheap mix of a twenty times more powerful grass looking stuff called 'skank' or 'skunk' that they smoked mix with tobacco.

Don't give a cuss about the pro's and con's of legalisation. It kills. All the chaps were in their mid-forties.


Bear and Tots are off helping a neighbour put up their 8 foot Christmas tree. Ye small gods, where do you put a tree that size? And wow, how many ornaments does that take?

Chuckle! The important thing is that they've got together as a community - heart warming.

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