Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Dog-cicle !

It's totally crazy here on the Seven Hills. It's minus 2, a blizzard outside, and away from the shelter of my doorway, there's at least 18" of snow. The schools are shut, no buses are running, and the roads are deserted. It's so bad the gritters are having real problems getting out and about.

Despite that, Bear is battling down to the shops, normally 10 mins away, and she's arranged over Facebook with the local ladies to go sledging at a nearby steep field, known locally as 'Maggies'. It's a little unclear whether they intend to take the kids with them :)

Apparently it's the worse snow at this time of year for at least 17 years, and the snow and low temperatures are set to get much worse.

I love it :)

Ah, here we go.

Bear Feet !


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