Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Excuse me sir....

..."but can you stand back from the door please?"

My front door is two steps up, and I'm a smigin' over six foot on a good day. So I'm looking blank at next doors front door. It slowly dawned on me that it would be good manners to look down at a rather attractive WPC with a crick in her neck.

Five foot three and all uniform. By gum. It rather cooled my virani down a bit when I saw her nervously clutching one of those extendible night-stick thingies.

"Can I see your hands please sir?". So I stepped back a little and used my left hand to raise my right hand where she could see them. She looked kinda relieved, and with a flourish, was empty handed.

"Dee?" She said. "Yup" I said. " Meh, that's a relief. Soz mate". I had a flash of inspiration. "Where's the mob?".

No-one in sight. Dinky police van outside, a single WPC. "I saw the name on the database, and I thought, no way. Can I come in? God, you're looking old"

Well ta. "We had this info that suggested that someone at this address was in possession of controlled substances" While I made her a cup of best Columbian, not that rubbish Bear normally reserves for visitors, she explained that she saw the name, wasn't sure of the address, and so took a chance. Otherwise it would have been a lot of quite hearty chaps quite unsuccessfully hurting their equipment.

Indeed, the Wheelie - aka, Dee, amongst others, does, indeed have one of those airport bags full of drugs. Prescription meds.

Some joker had tried to play silly monkeys. Luckily, I'm known, in a good way, to the local police.

There is a serious point to this. I'm not going to mention cuts to front line policing, honest. It's worth noting tho' that your local Community Coppers and PSO's know their local areas and the people in them, and can make use of that local knowledge to make informed judgements.


Josie said...

oh crikey! it's a good job they know in a nice way!

Josie x

Wheelie said...

Still took her a min to recognise me tho':) Must have had a shower since then......

But nah, their a good bunch.

We even have a fifty something PCSO with a limp who keeps an eye on the elderly (and I'm younger than him - ta mate) and a lady younger than my son who says stuff like "engaging local youth in meaningful discourse"

Dunno what it means. But it works.

Nearest thing we have to the old fashioned community constable.