Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Does anyone check their 'Stats' tab? Fascinating. Though the mind boggles at the person who searched for 'survivor tits' and found themselves here. Ornithologist? More a question for Rare Lesser Spotted perhaps :)

However you found yourself here, welcome. Please feel free to comment and ask any questions about Stroke (or Type 2 diabetes) you may have. Despite the ahum.... rather rambling nature of this blog, I'm sure I can persuade a couple of brain cells to collide and provide an answer.

If I can't - after all, I can only speak from personal experience in the Uk - I'm sure I can point you somewhere, or to someone who can.

For links here, I highlight in red. Click and go.

A definitive place to go is the Uk Stroke Association. If you register, you'll find in TalkStroke some very authoritative sources. I'd recommend 'Countrygirl' and 'Tim'.


Rare Lesser Spotted said...

Hi Wheelie
I check my stats from a couple of site meters, one says I don't get any visits at all and the other one is very good telling me, like yours, which searches bring them to the blog. The weirdest search which brought them along according to their e-mail to me last week was "dear saint help me win the lottery eat pray love." I kid you not!

Wheelie said...

Ooh, I dunno mate. It's the keywords that seem to count.

From the little bit I know about web-bots, little proggies that nip around the web that collect bits and bobs of info and report back to their owners, you may well have mentioned a lot about your faith, or a colloquialism using the word saint.

In your faith, you don't use that word much. So, somehow, there's an association between you're label, name, and sainthood. Well hey :)