Thursday, 21 April 2011

Nice to see Rachel over at Another Day In Paradise is around again. She hasn't posted much for a while. I love her blog. Her observations about her family life in the States were a perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of the day. Made me feel all cuddly. Not bad for a hedgehog. Please nip across and encourage her to post more - tell her Wheelie said so :)


Bear has been a bit upset since the tree incident. Seems she gave her Pops permission to give it a 'little trim', forgetting he was a tree hater, so she feels responsible. She's also getting bad headaches, and very forgetful.

Daft little things. She'll do a supermarket shop, forget the food I need, despite having a list, and have to go back again. She has doctors appointments, and forgets them, and when prescribed tablets, forgets to take 'em. She's been having nightmares too. I'm a bit worried to be honest. Hmm. Stress?

Since discovered that father-in-law has laid a few spare paving stones I had, as a path from my Tot's hut, to......... nowhere. Emptying my compost bins to use as a base for them. And dug up my veg bed to get some earth when that ran out. It takes at least a year to make good compost. All gone.

And as for the herb and veg bed, I dunno. I think there's going to be some interesting stuff growing between and from underneath that paving. Guess I'll have to buy (eek!) some compost, replant, and transfer stuff from the sprouting paving back to the bed. Oh, well. Keep Calm And Carry On.


I never was the aggressive type. Never could see the sense in jumping up and down and waving my arms around and shouting, even if I could. Not that I'm meek.

It's just that I have a built in circuit that that clicks in and makes me observe. Have you ever stood back and watched anyone lose it? It looks very silly.

Try it. If you see someone lose their temper, let them get on with it. Watch them. Don't involve yourself. And while you're watching, think CHICKENS. Thar you go! :)

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