Sunday, 11 September 2011

Bit urgent really.

A 14 year old neighbour has been threatened on facebook, and his parents have been given an incident number but told by the Police there's nothing they can do can do. I'm sure that's not right.

Can anyone offer me any advice please?


Rare Lesser Spotted said...

Threats made on Facebook can be investigated and are regularly investigated by the force I work for. I guess it very much depends on the type and strength of threat which will determine the response time. I would try again. If his perception is that the threats will be carried out, then there needs to be a response.

Josie said...

doesn't sound right, have they reported it to facebook yet?

what are the profile settings, are they set to friends only, even then you can 'hide' some friends from seeing your wall, photos's etc, posting on your wall.

Josie x