Saturday, 14 January 2012


Heck, I'm knackered.

I've been up since Stupid O'Clock doing the tidy up and recycle thing. My lot don't do tidy. Or recycle.

I even did the walk thing last night too. Dina wanna. But being pig headed I thought it was worth a shot.

It took about 40 mins there, and 40 back, so that's what? Hour 20? Not complaining. I was very proud of myself. Lots of stops to rest. However, I proved to myself I can do it. Tell you what tho. I'm not rushing to do it again. No way. I have bits that hurt I didn't I didn't know could.

Spare a thought for the Bear, who's at least a foot shorter than me. She propped me up under my right arm, in freezing rain (-4 C) joking it was 'Wheelie Weather' with the woofler on her other arm in a journey that would normally take her 30 mins there and back.

I've gotta gud'un there, haven't I?

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