Sunday, 15 January 2012

I'm exhausted. Walking the walk may not have been as good a thing to do as I hoped it would.

The theory is to push the body, work hard at it, and somehow train bits that don't work to get some get up and go in them. Way I feel at the moment? Bad theory. I'm a determined little bugger at the best of times. But I can hardly shift after the last little jaunt.

I was a bit embarrassed to stagger out of bed last evening to find a roomful of teens and other visitors. With the greatest respect to my more religious ' beat the body' mates, Nah. Forget it. It's rubbish.

I don't claim ESA (employment and support allowance) but even if you don't, you may find this


Josie said...

up to you if you publish this comment, but having just clicked the link and read what it was about, having worked as a casual xmas worker at Royal Mail, erm, I already knew that Royal Mail staff opened those type of documents. Also recorded delivery post does not get sorted separate from 1st or 2nd class mail even though people pay extra and sometimes special delivery mail gets tipped with ordinary mail because as a casual worker I used to take it to the 'locker' area.
I think I've mentioned this in my Tribunal posts and also in my blurb book about the Tribunal as well.

that's why Royal Mail wanted me and hubby to sign to keep quiet after the tribunal settlement but being a stubborn Yorkshire female, I refused! :-)

Josie x

Josie said...

I mentioned the link to hubby and he said staff at Royal Mail also open DSS paperwork as well!

Josie x

Wheelie said...

It's just plain wrong.

I'm 'lucky' that I'm an 'indefinite' - I haven't had to fill one of those 50 page forms in for a long while.

But it bothers a lot of people that - no offence meant - just anyone can get to read intensely personal details, which I sure peeps would be tempted to out of pure curiosity.

I'm accompanied at all times, so no secrets 'tween Bear and I, but particularly for some ladies, having to describe in fine, black and white detail about dealing with continence or periods on top of their disabilities... I mean, wow.

Wheelie said...

...and that not counting the legal issues under the data protection acts.....