Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Trust Yourself.

I'm the data guy. I have an innate ability - that is, I don't have to work hard at it - that if you throw random facts or figures at me, I can find relationships in them, or disprove connections, and do it without prejudice or opinion. I see trends, if you like. An idiot savant ability.

That works whether it's a spreadsheet, formula's or social interactions.

It's family thing - that is, it's there in some degree in my siblings. I have sister who never forgets a shopping receipt. She's very handy to have around if you want a bargain or you're redecorating or renovating.

Boring? Heck no. I get a real kick out of it. I've done the DJ bit. Or stood in front of a church congregation, or a political rally, and understood the interactions between individuals, groups and disparate combinations of those in front of me, and been able to tailor to fit. In a flash.

I've read climate change data and been able to correctly infer missing data later discovered. Glanced at peoples financial circumstances and found ways to improve it. A quick look at a companies reports and been able to suggest a new and more profitable direction.

That's what I do. I've even been called 'psychic'. Rubbish.

Having listened recently to some stories of woe, I've been thinking that peeps allow worries and concerns to get in their way. If you can do what you do with confidence, and take the knocks when you get it wrong?

Go for it. Trust yourself.

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