Monday, 20 February 2012

Bless :(

Vicar Murder

While the top echelons of the Anglican churches fret about issues of theology such as gay marriage and women bishops, there's a quiet army, while doubtless being aware of those issues, have just got on with the job.

There are numerous labels. Vicar. Pastor. Mrs Jones next door. Because of their beliefs, they open their homes to the most vulnerable of society. Something those outside religion would often be reticent to do.

They work with drug addicts, drunks, alcoholics, people with violent tendencies, those with mental illness, domestic abuse, drifters, struggling families, those who'd rather spend their Jobseekers on an expensive take-aways and beer than cook. Beaten up prostitutes, thieves, drug users padding out their income at someone else's expense.

There's a ground force of those who care for others. Not only Jesus believers. They're quiet and unrecognised and just on with the job. In the established churches they get varied amounts of training, mostly inadequate for the task they voluntary take on.

They learn very quickly that they are making themselves vulnerable and opening their homes to many that society consider to be beneath notice and undeserving of help, at great personal cost.

They don't do it for accolades and glory. There is no X-Factor for caring.

They've no time for deep theology. Just feeding the hungry, keeping the vulnerable warm, and risking life and limb.

And sometimes they pay with their lives. Bless you Rev. John Suddards

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