Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I've somehow managed to 'follow' myself. Don't ask me how. How's that for ego surfing? :)

I've found this intriguing technique to get some time to myself. Put the TV on, nod, "yeh, yeah" a lot, and pick a program no-one but I like. They glaze over, get bored and wander off. Old episodes of Time Team are working a treat at the moment......

Folks, not doing too well at the moment.

Oh, we're fine as a family, no bills to worry about. Seriously. Not a one. Odd nowadays I'm told.

Nah, the pain in the ribs is making sleep difficult, and I've only ever done 4 hours a night anyway. Not sure why it is, but bits'n'pieces I've worked so hard to get working, like, forever, seem to slipping back to their previous state.

That's bad because I'll wobble more, fall over more, despite the little rails around the house on the stairs, bathroom, in our two toilets, entrance, exit, upstairs and downstairs (Yes. Two Toilets! aren't we posh!?) because I reach and miss. Co-ordination is all to pot.

Bear, ever hard working and practical, suggests that I've kept going through pure willpower for yonks and that the lack of sleep has eroded it. I railed against that rather, because it suggests the little improvements I fought so hard for for so long were mind over matter. I get how powerful the mind is, but I'm not sure I agree.

Anyways. I've agreed to go to the doctors. When I'm ready. But no hospitals. No way. NO Chance. Ain't gonna happen.

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